$8/hour/person. Play unlimited games from a choice of 70 tabletop games and over 200 board games.

And other tabletop games like Bonk, Binho Soccer, Bumper Bots Sling Sliders, Stiga Hockey, Foosball, Flipkick, Old-time Baseball, Magna Ball, Mini Cornhole, Ring Toss, Bowling, Shuffleboard, Curling, Pool, Bounce Battle, Hookey, Horse Race, Conquer, Football, Space Force, Labyrinth, Pichenotte, Kluster, Ice Cool, Cat & Mouth, Hero Hockey, Turing Tumble, Maze Racers, Drop It, Dice Flick, Gobblet, Quarto, Tock, Shut-the-box, Rock-me-Archimedes, Quoridor, Sequence, Othello, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Quadefy, Cathedral, Towers of Hanoi, Tinderblox, The Waiter’s Tray, Dendera Zodiac, Egyptian Coin Trade, and Euclide.
Also check out our collection of ancient classics like Fidchell (Celtic Chess), Hnefatafl (Viking Chess), Royal game of Ur, Senet, Mehen, Alquerque, Daldos, Backgammon, Chess, Go, Nine Men’s Morris, Pente, Mancala, and Rota.